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Deal of Century aims to trample on Palestinian peoples rights: Hamas official  

Deal of Century aims to trample on Palestinian people's rights: Hamas official

Sep 20, 2019

Beirut, Sept 20, IRNA – Chief of Hamas' Political Affairs in Lebanon Ahmed Abdel Hadi said on Thursday that Deal of Century is aimed at violating Palestinian people's rights and end their cause.

In a meeting with Iran's Ambassador in Beirut Mohammad Jalal Firouz-Nia, he added that Deal of Century seeks to ensure Zionist regime's interests and pave the way for occupying remaining lands of Palestinians, particularly Quds and West Bank.

Since the deal is dangerous, Palestine Authority and all Palestinian groups have clearly expressed their opposition to it, he said.

Firouz-Nia, for his part, stressed the need for unity among all Palestinian groups to defend their rights, saying that current sensitive situation requires that all countries act responsibly and block the Zionist regime's excessive demands.

Promoting exchanges among the Islamic states and other supporters of cause of Palestine will defuse enemies' plots, he said, noting that strengthening resistance has disturbed Americans' calculations in various fields.



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