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Declaration of The Fourth International Conference  




The Fourth International Conference

“In Support of Palestine, Symbol of Resistance; Gaza, Victim of Crime”

March 4th and 5th 2009

(Tehran Declaration)


In the Name of God

The Compassionate, the Merciful


We, the participants at the Fourth International Conference in support of Palestine captioned “International Conference in Support of Palestine, Symbol of Resistance; Gaza, Victim of Crime” which was held at the invitation of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, in Tehran on March 4th and 5th, and with the participation of parliamentary speakers and delegations, Islamic theologians, thinkers and resistance fighters from various countries of the world with the aim and objective of providing all-round support and backing to the people of Palestine and their heroic resistance against the Zionist regime, declare that:

- Congratulating the glorious victory of the Palestine resistance in the 22-Day Gaza War,

- Confirming that the large scale attack launched by the Zionist regime on the Gaza Strip has resulted in the organized, extensive and blatant violation of International humanitarian rights and International human rights especially with regard to the Fourth Geneva Convention and intensification of the humanitarian crises and weakening of national, regional and international efforts in support of the people of Palestine,

- Supporting the struggles of the people of Palestine in obtaining their natural, explicit and recognized rights to self-determination, formation of a unity government of Palestine in all territories of occupied Palestine as well as the undeniable rights of the Palestinian refugees and displaced persons to return to their homes and ancestral lands,

    -Commemorating the memory of Palestinian martyrs especially    those martyred in the recent Zionist attack against Gaza;

  Agreed as follows:

1-Believing that all regional and international initiatives undertaken in the past decades have ended in failure because of lack of consideration of the principal causes of the crises, we emphasize holding a referendum with participation of all individuals who are rightfully related to Palestinian land be it Muslims, Christians or Jews and in particular all homeless Palestinians in determining the type of their regime,

2-Palestinian issue is the main far reaching issue of the Islamic Ummah and on this basis all Muslims, Arabs and freedom loving individuals of the world are responsible to unify all capacities and possibilities in order to give it the deserved priority and refrain from any withdrawal from the defined positions in this respect and  raising any unnecessary issues which damage the Palestinian cause.  

3-We emphasize that the major enemy of the Islamic Ummah is the racist Zionist regime and the Islamic Ummah is responsible to adjust its policies based on the realities and strongly stand against the deceitful plans for introducing an enemy irrespective of the Zionist enemy deviating the right path of the Islamic Ummah and preoccupying them with an unreal enemy and other unnecessary issues in favor of the Zionist regime.

4- We strongly condemn the brutal actions of the Zionist regime in the massacre of Palestinian civilians particularly women, children and the elderly; the destruction of the economic infrastructure of the people of Palestine; the organized and targeted assassination and  detention of fighters of Palestine Resistance that reached to a crescendo in the recent Gaza War.

5- We condemn unconditional and continued support of the United States of America for the Zionist regime and its obvious crimes and we announce that full commitment of the US president from Israeli security is defending state – sponsored terrorism, wrong doing and using force and supporting massacre of hundreds of Palestinian men, women and children during the 22 day Gaza war and is a continuation of the wrong direction adopted by Mr. Bush and also is in contradiction of the announced policy of change

6- Recognizing the natural and legitimate rights of the Palestinian nation to stand against occupation and the fact that resistance is the only practical and efficient way for restoration of the Palestinian rights we call all parliaments of the world to adopt required national rules and regulations in all out support of the struggle of the Palestinian people.

7- We call upon the international community to take urgent steps for ending the three year old  blockade of the Gaza Strip and opening of the land, air and sea routes; And  call upon the Arab League to shoulder responsibility and implement the its resolutions on ending the Gaza blockade; And call Egypt to permanently open Rafah crossings for free traffic of individuals and goods between Egypt and Gaza reminding the Egyptian Government that all negative consequences of closing the crossing remains with this country. 

8-We express our full support for the struggles taking place for realization of the Palestinian national unity and reconstruction and activity of the PLO based on the previous agreements among all Palestinian factions and the political plan which recognizes the right of Palestinians to resist against occupation and liberate their territory.

9- We strongly condemn all actions and plans of the Zionist regime for ‘Judaization’ of Al-Quds and destruction of its Islamic and Christian sanctities and sites; changing the composition and weave of the population, ongoing construction of townships, repeated threats to demolish Al-Aqsa Mosque and ‘Qubbaah As-Sakhrah’ and undertaking drilling operations beneath it as well as construction and development of townships for Zionist settlers and building the racist wall in the West Bank which is a manifest symbol of Apartheid and flouts the viewpoint of the International Court of Justice at the Hague and the resolutions of the General Assembly of the United Nations. We also express our abhorrence vis-à-vis destruction of 88 houses in the Bostan Qods district. 

10-We strongly condemn the inhuman arrest and detention of thousands of Palestinians detainees languishing in prisons of the Zionist regime, in particular of Dr. Aziz Ad-Dawaik, the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Palestine and 42 members of parliament and ministers of the elected Palestinian Government; and likewise, leaders and freedom-fighters of resistance groups and demand the unconditional and immediate release of all of them.

11- We call all governments, parliaments and responsible international bodies in fulfilling their legal and international obligations for putting an end to the culture of absence of retribution to take necessary actions to file lawsuits against the perpetrators and collaborators of the war crimes committed in Palestine and to prosecute them in competent national and international courts of law. 

           12- We stress the necessity to conduct an investigation about the deployment of banned weapons and ammunitions and its effect on human beings and the environment as well as investigate the accumulation of weapons of mass destruction and nuclear arsenals by relevant international organizations, fact-finding missions and autonomous governmental organizations and call upon the competent national and international courts of law to look into and follow up these crimes. 



13-We appreciate measures taken by the Judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran for prosecution of the Zionist criminals and preparing filing indictment in this respect and investigating the crimes for prosecution of the perpetrators, and those who ordered the said crimes and call authorities of different Muslim and freedom loving countries to take the same measures regarding the Zionist criminals.

14-We call all governments that in line with their international legal responsibilities for elimination of the culture of impunity for doing criminal acts and take required measures to investigate the crimes committed in Palestine and prosecute the criminals in due course in the competent national and international tribunals.

     15- In line with the avowed aim of helping the Palestinian people, we call  the Islamic and freedom-loving governments and nations of the world to boycott Zionist companies and goods; to severe every form of political, economic, cultural, sporting and media relations with the usurper Zionist regime. Likewise, we call upon the parliaments of countries to sanction necessary laws in this connection and in case of having established parliamentary friendship committees with the Knesset of the Zionist regime, to immediately dissolve these committees and severe all their parliamentary relations with this regime.

16- While welcoming the academic boycott of the Zionist regime by some of the universities of the world, we call all scientific and academic institutions of the world to join the academic boycott of the Zionist regime in reaction to the ongoing crimes of this regime.  

17- We express our appreciation for the memorable world public opinion for their support to the people of Gaza and for the prominent role of the ‘Ulema’ Islamic theologians, scholars and the media in garnering support for the people of Palestine and for their condemnation of the crimes perpetrated by the Zionist regime.

      18- While expressing our appreciation for the stances of countries supporting the Palestine cause and resistance in the course of the 22-Day Gaza War, we condemn the policies of the big powers especially the United States of America and some of its allies vis-à-vis the genocide of Palestinians in Gaza.

19-On the Day of Palestine and Gaza we commemorate the memory of heroes like Imam Musa Sadr who gave his life for Palestine and the Palestinian rights and wish for clarification of his destiny in a proper manner.

      20- We support the struggles of the people of Lebanon and their heroic resistance especially by Hezbollah against the Zionist occupation forces for liberation of the remaining territory of the country including Shaba farms, Kafrshuba hills.  Likewise, we back the stand taken by the people and government of Syria on the necessity for total liberation of its occupied territories.


          21- Taking into consideration the current sensitive situation we stress on the necessity of unity of the Islamic ‘Ummah’ and abstaining from exaggerating existing in sectarian, ethnic and political differences.

     22- While equating Zionism with racism, we underscore the resolution of the Durban Conference in 2001 on the necessity to revive the Resolution no. 3379 of the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization and on the necessity to re-endorse past resolutions at the forthcoming sessions to be convened in Geneva (Durban 2) in April 2009.

        23-In order to follow-up the resolutions of the Conference and realization of its objectives, we announce the formation of a Higher Follow-up Committee headed by the Secretary General comprising 10 persons.  This committee shall follow up all recommendations and resolutions of the Conferenceand it shall report the results of its actions to the permanent secretariat of the Conference in Tehran and to the later conferences.

       24-Declaring “Youm an-Nakbah” (Day of Catastrophe) as a global day of homecoming, we call upon the Higher Follow-up Committee to organize annually, a series of popular, political, cultural and promotional events and activities in order to facilitate conditions for the return of all Palestinian refugees to their homes and land of their birth; and to follow-up registration of this event in the calendar of global events of the United Nations. Likewise, within the framework of facilitating conditions for return of Palestinian refugees, we call upon the legal bodies of Palestine to issue Palestinian passports for all refugees residing abroad.

 25-Inviting all governments worldwide to assist in the reconstruction of Gaza, we call upon the Higher Follow-up Committee that while establishing a fund by the name of “Popular Fund for Reconstruction of Gaza” to take necessary actions and follow-up collection of generous contributions of the people to this fund.

26-Welcoming the strategic positions and views of His Eminence Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic revolution of Iran, we request that his speech in the Opening ceremony to be registered as the official document of the conference.

 27-By paying our due respects to the lofty soul of His Holiness Imam Khomeini and emphasizing commemoration of the last Friday of the blessed month of Ramadan which he proclaimed as ‘World Quads Day’, we express our sincere thanks and appreciation for the intensive efforts of His Eminence Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader, the government and people of Iran in supporting the aspiration of Palestine; and in particular, for organization of the Fourth International Conference in Support of Palestine by the Islamic Consultative Assembly. Welcoming the strategic positions and views of His Eminence Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic revolution of Iran, we request that his speech in the Opening ceremony to be registered as the official document of the conference.


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