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Final Declaration of the 5th International Conference in Support of the Palestinian Intifada  

In the Name of God

The Compassionate, the Merciful

Final Declaration of the 5th International Conference in Support of the Palestinian Intifada

سبحان الذی اسرى بعبده لیلا من المسجد الحرام الی المسجد الاقصى الذی بارکنا حوله

(صدق الله العلی العظیم)


“Exalted is He who took His Servant by night from al-Masjid al-Haram to al-Masjid al- Aqsa

, whose surroundings We have blessed”


 The 5th International Conference in Support of the Palestinian Intifada, with “Palestine, Home Land of Palestinians” as its motto with the aim of realization of the Palestinian causes was organized in Tehran, capital of the Islamic Republic of Iran on 1-2nd October 2011, corresponding to 9-10th Mehr 1390 and 3-4 Zelqade 1432.

This two day conference was organized and hosted by the Islamic Consultative Assembly of the Islamic Republic of Iran and was attended by parliament speakers, parliamentary delegations, leaders of resistance, scholars, political, cultural and media personalities as well as representatives from different political parties and groups from 75 countries with the purpose of extending all-out support for heroic struggles of the brave and resistant people of Palestine and divine resistance of this Palestinians against the Zionist regime.

The conference started its work by illuminating and enlightening remarks of His Eminence Ayatollah Khamenei, Great Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

During the conference the participants raised and exchanged their views in the plenary meeting and the specialized panels.

The five specialized panels of the conference including:

Panel of parliaments: Utilization of parliamentary and international capacities in support of Palestine;

Panel of political parties and groups: Regional and international developments and the future of Intifada and the Palestinian resistance;

Panel of NGO’s:  Displaced Palestinians and their return to their home land;

Panel of Ulamas and religious leaders: Qods; and

Panel of the media: Lifting Gaza and Palestine blockade,

considered and discussed different dimensions of the Palestinian question and submitted their final reports and documents to the plenary meeting. Also participants made their speeches in the plenary meeting and explained their views on the relevant subjects.

The participants, Paying tribute to the great soul of Imam Khomeni (RA), the Great Leader of the Islamic Revolution and Founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran which continues to inspire the spirit of resistance; emphasizing the need to continue to mark the last Friday of the fasting month of Ramadan as the International Day of Qods as the ever-lasting heritage of the late Imam Khomeini (RA), and underlining that:

The question of Palestine shall be considered as the basic and the most important issue in the Middle-East and the first and foremost priority of the Muslim world and Arab countries; Palestine and the need for its liberation is of particular significance for all noble and freedom-loving people and it is the paramount ethical and human issue of interest for all the human societies;

The present juncture is of an exceptional significance in the history of the region and the world; the outstanding and speedy developments currently taking place in the Muslim world including Arab countries have been followed by opportunities and at the same time challenges; under the present circumstances all people are facing a historical responsibility with respect to Palestine; developments taking place around Palestine, and desire of nations to come to the political scene in order to play their basic role in determining their destiny all have led to the circumstances which are needed to be deeply studied and discussed;

Current circumstances can provide the opportunity for liberation and reclaiming of Palestine through resistance, already proven to be the only effective and practical way for success;

Precise identification of priorities and interests and desirable management of affairs based on capacities, awareness and wisdom are of the pressing requirements of the present juncture;


Agreed as follows:


The participants believe that all Muslims, Arab populations and freedom-loving people in the world shall spare no effort for reclaiming the historical, national and legitimate rights of the resistant Palestinian nation. Hopefully the Palestine will soon be liberated and a far-reaching independent Palestinian Government within the sovereign Palestinian state with the Holy Qods as its capital will be established accordingly.

The participants believe that all plans and plots of the Zionist regime for judization of the Holy Qods which have led to destruction of the Christian and Muslim Holy sites and buildings have exposed Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Doom of Rock to a serious threat and excavation works under the Al-Aqsa Mosque is one of the aggressive attempts by the Zionist regime in this respect. Condemning all these attempts and plots, the participants is calling all countries in the world including Muslim ones to mobilize all their possibilities and take serious actions to encourage the international community to pressurize Zionist regime preventing destruction of Islamic and Christian sites and buildings.

The participants are the opinion that Palestinians are not seeking a place to live because their home land is Palestine. Return of the displaced Palestinians to their home land is the natural and unquestionable right of all Palestinians according to all international rules and regulations. The attempt to violate this right is a plot for wiping out Palestine in gross violation of Palestinians’ legitimate rights.  The participants renew their call for return of the displaced Palestinians to their home land as their final and nonnegotiable right.

The participants decisively condemn continuation of occupation of Palestine and the policy for construction and development of Jewish settlements adopted by the Zionist regime for changing demography of Palestine and for its judization, and call upon the international organizations and bodies to take required measures to prevent such illegal and inhuman acts.

The participants condemns aggressive and extrajudicial behavior of the Zionist regime in abduction and imprisonment of thousands of Palestinians and great number of Palestinian parliament deputies  and call for their immediate release and free movement of other deputies to and from the West Bank. Within the same respect all international forums and organizations including IPU are recommended to act according to their responsibilities.

The participants resolutely condemn the Zionist state terrorism manifested in massacre of civilians including women and children, destruction of economic infrastructures, as well as organized and targeted assassination of Palestinian personalities as the clear example of war crimes and call upon all governments, parliaments, and concerned international bodies to act according to their legal and international and human responsibilities adopting necessary measures for indicting criminals and perpetrators of war crimes in Palestine and trying them in the concerned international courts.  

The participants condemn the attempt to impose and recognition of the Jewish identity for the Zionist regime as another link of the chain of conspiracy for wiping out the Palestinian identity and a cover for displacing remaining Palestinian population living in the Palestinian territories occupied in 1948 warning that any involvement or silence vis-a-vis this serious oppression against Palestine and the Palestinian population will surely face collective disagreement of all Muslims, Arab populations as well as all freedom-loving people.

The participants, believing that all the regional and international initiatives proposed and submitted in the last decades for settlement of the Palestinian question have been doomed to fail due to lack of tackling the root causes of the question that is occupation of Palestine by the Zionist forces, are emphasizing the need for organization of a referendum with participation of all Palestinians and rightful owners of Palestine including Muslims, Christians and Jews for choosing the political and governmental structure desired by all Palestinians.

The participants condemn Israel warmongering attitude and aggressions against the Palestinian nation in the occupied Palestinian territories including the Gaza Strip as the gross violation of the international rules and regulations and the clear example of the state terrorism and believing that such inhuman acts are tantamount to war crimes and crimes against humanity call for indicting leaders of the Zionist regime in favor of establishment of justice.

The participants, believing that supply of all living requirements of Palestinians and reconstruction of Gaza is an Islamic and Arab human responsibility, call upon all nations and governments to meet their responsibilities in this respect and take every measure for lifting the Gaza ground, air and sea blockade. The participants, expressing their appreciation for all the efforts made for lifting the Gaza blockade, extend their full support for all governments and international, Islamic and Arab organizations as well as the NGO’s and personalities who are doing their best to end the blockade and condemn recent UN report (Palmer) which is trying to provide the cover up for the Zionist crimes during the blockade and illegitimate and brutal onslaught against Marmaris boat.

The participants condemn all-out and unconditional military, political, economic and scientific support of the US Administration for the Zionist regime and believe that US support for this regime in different international organizations including veto of the resolutions adopted against the Zionist regime in favor of a part of the Palestinian rights all are indicative of the structural relationship between the two regimes. The participants also are of this opinion that continuous US support for the Zionist regimes and its crimes and the US unconditional commitment to this regime for maintaining its survival is tantamount to involvement in the state terrorism, oppression, bulling policy, and massacre of thousands Palestinian women and children which shall be prosecuted by the concerned international judicial establishments.

The participants call upon all Muslim nations and governments as well as all freedom-loving people that in support of the Palestinian nation to consider sanctions against Zionist goods and companies and cut all their political, economic, cultural, sports and media relations with this fake regime. The participants also call upon all those Muslim countries that have already established inter-parliamentary group with the occupying Zionist regime to immediately dismantle these groups and sever their parliamentary relations with this regime.

The participants, voicing their support for the struggles and resistance of Lebanese people especially Hezbollah against the Zionist occupiers, appreciate all the efforts made for liberating the remaining Lebanese territories which are still under Zionist occupation including Saba farms and Kfar Shouba, and voicing their support for the Lebanese territorial integrity consider any act against the Lebanese resistance in favor of the Zionist interests.

The participants believe that use of the international events and opportunities as tribune of the oppressed Palestinians within the international community and establishment of the space required for reclaiming the Palestinian nation’s rights is a need which is emphasized by all parliamentary delegates, NGO’s and other participants in the present conference. Therefore the Secretariat of the conference shall make necessary efforts for utilizing the Pro-Palestine Parliamentarist Union and make the required coordination among the participants for the best use of the international opportunities.

The participants call upon all Islamic, Arab and freedom-loving parliaments to take required measures for adoption of necessary national rules and regulations in all-out support of Palestine struggles, and their outstanding resistance. To this end the Secretariat shall provide the participants with the relevant information and convey the news of their efforts and actions to others.

The participants consider Zionist regime’s weapons of mass destruction pile up and nuclear arsenals as warmongering acts in clear contrast with the all international covenants and as a threat to the regional security, therefore they call upon the international community in order to take required measures for bringing the Zionist nuclear centers under its control and eliminate the existing weapons of mass destruction and nuclear arms possessed by the Zionist regime.

The participants, emphasizing that unity and integration among Palestinians is the precondition of their victory, accentuate unity and integration among all Palestinians and extend their support for every effort in preventing any further clashes or conflicts among Palestinian factions in favor of the national unity in line with the causes of the Great Palestine.

Given the existing sensitive conditions, the participants emphasize the need to the Islamic unity and call upon all governments and Islamic currents and streams as well as elites of the Muslim world to prevent any further tribal and regional conflicts and deal with the extremist moves with the purpose of safeguarding the unity among Ummah defusing arrogant plots in this respect.

The participants believe that the Islamic Ummah, using the valuable opportunity for great Islamic awakening, is going to restore their grass roots glory. The participants honor and value manifestation of the will of the people in the region in favor of their rights for self-determination and extend their support for establishment of political structures based on the will of people especially the parliaments whose members represent the will their nations. The participants are of the opinion that legitimacy of all governments depends on the manifestation of their nations’ will in the domestic and foreign policies and their efforts in providing the bases for progress and advancement of not only their nations but all Islamic and Arab countries. The participants are of this opinion that these governments shall also give priority to the support for Palestine as the main preoccupation of all nations.

The participants, appreciating the primary measures adopted by the Arab Republic of Egypt in opening the Rafah crossing and emphasizing the need for permanent access of Palestinians to this crossing, have decided to send a number of participants to Gaza as a sign of their support for the resistant Palestinian nation.

The participants, appreciating remarks made by His Eminence Ayatollah Khamenei, the Great leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, registered His Eminence’s text of speech as the official document of the conference.

Admiring positions of the great Iranian nation and its representatives in supporting the Palestinian cause and just settlement of other relevant issues the participants extend their appreciation to H.E. Dr Ali Larijani, distinguished Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Government and people of the Islamic Republic of Iran for the warm hospitality extended to them. The participants also appreciate all the efforts made by the Secretary General and others involved in the organization of the conference for the excellent arrangements for this purpose.






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