International conference Palestinian intifada
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Law on Supporting Islamic Revolution of Palestine  

       In the Name of God, the Almighty


 Law on Supporting Islamic Revolution of Palestine 

and law on amending article(1) approved on 2006 by

The Islamic Consultative Assembly and confirmed and approved by Guardian Council


Article 1) The Palestine territory had belonged and still belong to the people of Palestine and occupying regime of Zionist which had occupied Al-Qods, is usurper and cruel and shall be condemned, so it is recommended that all the justice-seeking peoples of the world, particularly Muslims and also people and government of the Islamic Republic of Iran shall support the oppressed and displaced people of Palestine until they achieve their legitimate rights.

Board of Directories of the Islamic Consultative Assembly is obliged to deepen and further expand its support and under appropriate conditions shall hold a conference in this regard including the representatives and intellectuals from the Islamic countries.

The permanent secretariat of International Conference of Palestine, has been established in order to hold these kinds of conference and to follow up all the approvals of the Islamic Consultative Assembly regarding Palestine issue.

The secretariat include five members: one representative appointed by the head of Consultative Assembly as a secretary, two representatives appointed by the Islamic Consultative Assembly (Article five) for the Committee for supporting Islamic revolution of the people of Palestine, and two representatives from the Commission of National Security and Foreign Policy of the Parliament. All the activities and approvals of the secretariat shall be implemented on the basis of the votes of Majority.

The agenda for implementation of this law shall be provided by the Secretariat and approve by the Islamic Consultative Assembly.

Article 2) The government of the Islamic Republic of Iran can establish humanitarian Donation Fund for supporting the oppressed people of Palestine and thus collect all the aid granted by the Muslims and freedom-seeking people of the world for helping displaced and oppressed people of Palestine and their Intifada.

Article 3) the Martyr Foundation of the Islamic Revolution and Oppressed Mostazafin Foundation and red-cross and crescent organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran are all obliged that on the basis of the guidelines of the great leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran to give spiritual and material support to the families of martyrs and war prisoners of the occupied territories and also the families of other martyrs who are martyred in other part of the world for defending Palestine cause.

Article 4) Ministries of Culture, Health and Treatment and High Education are obliged to grant certain seats in the universities to the Palestinians to continue their studies in Iranian universities.

Article 5) A committee shall be created with representative from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ministry of culture and Islamic guidance, Martyr Foundation, Islamic Revolutionary Corps, Intelligent Ministry, Foundation for Disables, Crescent Organization and two representatives from Islamic Consultative Assembly. This committee shall perform its activities under supervision of the president or his representative and every six months shall report to the Islamic consultative Assembly.

Article 6) Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and Radio and T.V Organization are obliged to include in their agenda the propaganda support from Islamic revolution of Palestine as a top priorities for their activities related to out side Iran.

Article 7) with regard to historical background, the Islamic consultative Assembly and the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran shall recognize Al-Qods as the Islamic center of the exiled government of Palestine and requested all the Islamic countries to recognize this city as the Islamic center of the exiled government of Palestine.

Article 8) Establishing any kind of economic, commercial and cultural relations with the institutes and companies affiliated to Zionist in all over the world, shall be prohibited.

Note: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran within the period of one year shall provide a list including the names of the Zionist companies and institutes all over the world and granted this list to the Islamic Consultative Assembly.

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