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Palestinian issue in focus again  

The Palestinian issue has returned to the world diplomatic stage following a letup in bloody developments in Iraq, Syria and Yemen. 

Qodsna managing director, Mehdi Shakibayi:

The Palestinian issue has returned to the world diplomatic stage following a letup in bloody developments in Iraq, Syria and Yemen. There are signs that indicate the reality.

US President-elect, Donald Trump vowed to move the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to the occupied al-Quds (‘Jerusalem’). The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu approved a bill to build more settlements in the occupied West Bank. The UN Security Council approved the resolution 2334 against Israeli settlement expansion and the Obama administration made no objection. France hosted a conference on Palestine in a bid to reach a consensus over the two-state solution. Iran announced it would host a fifth conference on supporting the Intifada and the endangered Quds. Palestinians kept the anti-occupation intifada aloof and carried out an operation in the al-Quds that left six Israeli troopers dead. Turkey denounced the Palestinian operation contrary to its usual stance in the past five years. And, Russia is going to host a meeting of Palestinian groups.

The developments have capped any other developments in the region. What’s the cause then? One may consider the remarks of France Foreign Minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault who told reporters following a conference in Paris on the Palestinian issue that the two-state solution was in danger.

The solution calls for the formation of a Palestinian state side by side Israel in the occupied West Bank. Palestinian Authority welcomes the offer however the pro-resistance Palestinian groups demand a solution that is based on the restoration of the historical Palestine, from the Sea to the River. The offer has the backing of the regional resistance force, including Iran.

The West however failed to have any faith in the solution until a decade ago and instead sought to mix the Palestinian population into an Israeli state that is extended over the occupied Palestinian territories. The emergence of the first and second Iintifada however stole any other options that the two-state solution.

Palestinians not only succeeded to impose the situation on the West but also they managed to shake the pillars of Israel. Even they could have seen their dreams fulfilled amid the emergence of the Islamic Awakening movement in the Arab and Islamic states however the breakout of crisis in Syria helped Israel to escape unscathed as the Palestinian issue was replaced as a priority partly by the ISIS and al-Nusra terror group rampage.

These days however the Palestinian issue is going to restore its former status on the Islamic agenda following a letup in the crisis of the terror groups. It is even speculated that more victories on the paret of the regional resistance force would even threaten the very existence and viability of Israel in the eyes of its international backers.

France has apparently hastened as a major backer of Israel to preserve the existence of Israel within the very 1948 borders through the two-state offer before the storm of resistance reaches Palestine pummels down Israel.




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