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Riyadhs strive to review ties with Tehran  

Riyadh's strive to review ties with Tehran

Oct 4, 2019

Tehran, Oct 4, IRNA - Arab media analysts argued that the dialogue between Iran and Saudi Arabia will increase the hopes for resolving Tehran-Riyadh disputes and also regional tensions.

The analysts pointed to Saudi officials' desire to resort to political settlement in their relations with Iran.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said in a recent interview with the US CBS Network's “60 Minutes” that he would prefer a political solution vis-à-vis Iran. He also voiced hope that the ceasefire in Yemen would lead to political talks and an end to the war in the country. Ali Larijani, Speaker of the Iranian Parliament, also in an interview with Qatar's Al Jazeera Network in response to Saudi Crown’s comments, welcomed bin Salman's proposal to "resolve the issue through dialogue with Tehran". Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif also stressed that if Saudi Arabia returns to the region, it will face Iran's open arms.

Iran-Saudi move towards dialogue

According to Lebanon's El-Nashra website, all indicators show that Saudi Arabia and Iran are moving towards dialogue. All the political and military options have been worn out in the indirect tension between the two countries, especially in Yemen, and it is no longer time for escape and pride. It is now the time for talks between Riyadh and Tehran. It is in the interest of the Saudis and the Iranians to work for fair solutions. Speaking about the unfortunate outcome of the wars, bin Salman has spoken of the need for political dialogue in the region. This is a clear message from a senior Saudi official. Remarks by Iranian officials that the Saudis have stated in a message that they are ready to talk to Iran indicate that the Iranians are aware of the content of the Saudi message. Iran's peace initiative plan at the United Nations has also shown the fact that Saudis and Americans are now more prepared than ever to negotiate. Saudi Arabia has reached an impasse in its war in Yemen, and the result of the war for the Saudis has become very expensive after the Yemenis attack the facilities affiliated with Aramco.

Political analyst Sabah Zangeneh said in recent days that the region has witnessed diplomatic moves by Iraq and Pakistan aimed at reducing tensions between Tehran and Riyadh, and the Saudis have called for mediation, according to Al-Jazeera of Qatar. Riyadh and Abu Dhabi have lost control of the Yemen war. Riyadh suspected that it could exploit the issue of attack on Aramco-affiliated facilities by overstating Iranophobia. But Yemen's "Nasr al-Menallah" operation disrupted all Saudi calculations. Saudi Arabia has realized its utter defeat when its allies in Sudan, Egypt, the Zionist regime and the US are in distress. After the attack on Aramco facilities and the recent Ansarullah operation in the depth of Saudi Arabia, there is no longer any justification for continuing the war, and Riyadh and Abu Dhabi are now trying to end the war by entering into negotiations with Iran. Iran has also insisted on from day one of the attack on Yemen that there is no other way than to resolve the Yemen crisis via dialogue.

Why Saudi Arabia wishes to negotiate with Iran

Rai al-Youm reported that US anti-Iranian sanctions, downing of the US drone over the Strait of Hormuz by Iranian air-defense forces, and US fears of a military strike against Iran and the grappling of Iran's enemies with severe crises, Ansarullah’s painful strike to Saudis and the elimination of 3 brigades, capture of thousands of Saudi mercenaries and militias, and the strategic victory of the Iranian-led axis of resistance to the reopening of the Al Bukamal crossing on the Syrian-Iraqi border over the past days, showed Iran was progressing and Its enemies are retreating. Trump has been humiliated against Iran. He endures the insults in his way to negotiate with Iran in hopes of getting rid of his troubles, and this is not surprising. Saudi officials who had previously threatened to shift the scope of the war to Iranian territory are now sending intermediaries to retaliate by sending messages to Iran asking for a dialogue, which is a sign of their retreat from their positions. Given the recent developments in the Yemen war, it is understandable.

According to Al Jazeera news channel, political analyst Omar Aiserah said bin Salman ignored his past threats in which he spoke of shifting the scope of the conflict inside Iran because he believed in the reality of the balance of power in the international arena. He has come to realize that as a result, he now speaks of his desire to negotiate a political solution with Iran. This change also relates to bin Salman's position that Trump is not ready to enter the conflict with Iran. Because Trump is in turmoil because of the Democrats' move to oust him from power.

According to Al Jazeera news channel, Abdullah al-Shaji, a professor of political science at Kuwait University, also said bin Salman's recent remarks about peace with Iran indicate that he is seeking to resolve tensions. All regional and trans-regional countries are also working to resolve regional cases and reduce tensions, as it is true for Iran, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Iraq.

The official Jordanian news agency wrote in a report by Adnan Saad al-Zabi that Saudi Arabia and Iran have come to realize that military tensions and threats and any military action have no consequence other than devastation. The two countries have come to the conclusion that thinking about peaceful solutions is closer to peace and free from crises. The Saudis have received the content of the Americans' message that America will not go to war on anyone's behalf, and that the US has achieved self-sufficiency in energy, and that every country must defend itself. Also, after the weakening of Trump's position within the US, the Saudis have realized that the US will no longer be a strong ally of them in the future and should not count on Trump. The Saudis have realized that the continuation of the Yemen war will affect the internal and external conditions of Saudi Arabia. Therefore, the country has been keen on dialogue to depict a new roadmap for the region through dialogue on problems in the region's security and improvement of ties based on mutual interest. This is a move by the Saudis in a situation where the United Arab Emirates also realized the importance of dialogue with Iran some time ago and engaged with Iran.

Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper reported that the Saudis quickly lost allies in the region. Instead of joining the alliance with Turkey and Iran as the two major players in the region, they have entered into an alliance with the UAE and end the siege of Qatar. Now there is nothing left of this fragile coalition. Hence, for the sake of regional stability, Riyadh must abandon its traditional threats and coalitions and pursue a policy of Islamic Ummah’s convergence and building new coalitions.

Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper wrote in a report by Mohammed Krishan that Ali Larijani’s remarks saying that Iran’s door is open to Saudi Arabia and that we welcome the resolution of the dispute with Saudi Arabia through dialogue and Iran-Saudi dialogue can solve many of the region's security and political problems, show that Tehran is ready to respond in the best way to the Saudis. All countries in the region now have time to think and reconcile, and everyone must take this path. If this opportunity disappears, everyone will suffer losses and the region will not be able to bear any more damage. If Iran and Saudi Arabia opt for reconciliation and a political solution, a new phase will begin for countries in the region to pursue fair relations in which there will be no tensions and blackmail. The first result of these relations will be the political resolution of the Yemeni crisis and the end of human suffering there, as well as the liberation of Saudi Arabia from the Yemen swamp. It could also end the dirty play of the UAE in southern Yemen. Both Saudi Arabia and Iran must realize that there will be no chance for them to miss this opportunity. If this opportunity is lost, the region will be further devastated.



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