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Yemens new ambassador to Iran appointed  

Yemen's new ambassador to Iran appointed

18 August 2019

Tehran, August 17, IRNA- Yemen’s National Salvation Government, led by Ansarullah Movement, appointed on Saturday the country’s plenipotentiary ambassador to Iran. 

Ibrahim Mohammad Mohammad al-Deilami was chosen to lead the Yemeni diplomatic mission in Iran. 

Ansarullah Movement Leader Abdulmalek al-Houthi praised Iran’s clear and frank support for Yemen, stressing that his country is keen on re-establishing diplomatic ties with Iran. 

“It will benefit the Yemeni nation to implement its previous accords with Iran. There were 70 agreements before the revolution,” he added. 

The Houthi leader reiterated that Sana’a will improve ties with Iran as they are based on common grounds, especially the Palestinian issue, at the top.



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