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Coronavirus crisis proves US hegemony incapable of managing itself: Hossein Amir-Abdollahian
Speaker’s Advisor Raps US for Blocking Supply of Anti-Coronavirus Medical Equipment to Iran
Special Aide to President of Iran’s Majlis: ‘Israel’ Trapped behind Concrete Walls Thanks To Martyr Soleimani
Amir-Abdollahian: US has no constructive behavior in region, Afghanistan
Amir-Abdollahian: Europe’s position in activating trigger mechanism ‘unconstructive’
Iran-China-Russia joint drill representing Iran’s effort to provide regional security: Amir-Abdollahian
Amir-Abdollahian: Maintaining PG security requires collective coop. of regional countries
Trump impeachment nothing but a power struggle: Amir-Abdollahian
Zionists not to have any place in region: Amir-Abdollahian
US, SA, Israel targeting democracy in Iraq: Amir-Abdollahian
Advisor Lauds Yemeni’s Resistance as Only Way to Force Riyadh Accept Peace
US-backed terrorists still in Idlib waiting for order: Amir-Abdollahian
Al-Khalifa's Zionist Regime has no place in future of region: Amir-Abdollahian
Manama anti-Iran conference to help end Bahraini regime
E3 share same stance with US on JCPOA to weaken Iran: Amir-Abdollahian
Turkish op. in northern Syria in conflict with regional security: Iranian official
Iran to continue supporting Palestinians rights
Foreign agents involved in destabilizing Iraq
Amir-Abdollahian calls US officials ‘uncivilized’ for blocking Zarif from visiting ill colleague
No limits for boosting ties with Serbia: Official