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Iran FM terms Tel Aviv as source of insecurity for Bahrain, region
Iranian Leader Urges Support for Athletes Refraining from Recognition of Zionist Regime
Israel to suffer same fate as US did in Afghanistan, Vietnam: Official
Europeans boycott event at US Embassy in occupied lands
Netanyahu is Israel's most failed prime minister
UAE - Israel, the blindness of his cane is another blindness
Supreme Leader appreciates message by Palestinian people
Palestinian people lost a great defender who spent his life on fighting for the liberation of Holy Al-Quds, said FM Zarif while expressing condolences over the demise of prominent Palestinian Resistence Leader Ahmad Jibril
Palestinian leader Ahmed Jibril dies in Damascus hospital
General Soleimani institutionalized idea of annihilation of Israel
Iran great supporter of resistance movement: Islamic Jihad
The Standing Secretariat of the International Conference in Support of the Palestinian Intifada offers its condolences for the tragedy of the passing of the late Mohtashamipour
Iran’s judiciary chief hails Palestinian nation's victory
Leader issues message following resistance's victory over Zionist regime
Pres Rouhani: Gaza strong response to Zionists was a big victory
Crimes continuation, call for ceasefire show Zionists' defeat
Iranian FM Asks for Int’l Legal Campaign against Israel’s Apartheid Regime
Shockingly equation to be made if Zionists don't stop attacks
Zarif: Israel denies vaccination to Palestinians in their occupied homeland
Zarif: Iran’s all-out support for Palestinians’ rights basic diplomacy